Don´t miss the ObservaNatura 2015 between 10th and 11th of October

Learn more about birds and their habitats at ObservaNatura, that takes place in October at Moinho de Maré da Mourisca near Sado River estuary.

This fair is held since 2009 and it is currently the only fair in Portugal dedicated to Ornithology Tourism, a subgroup of nature tourism focusing on birdwatching, either directly or using binoculars or telescopes. The extensive programme for the "ObservaNatura" fair includes workshops, mini-courses, guided birdwatching tours through the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve on foot and by boat, and bird banding sessions. Herons, spoonbills and flamingos are just some of the species which can be observed at this time of year.

The fair has free entry, and is organised by the Institute for the Preservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF)/Sado Estuary Nature Reserve and Tróia-Natura, with many partners, including the Portuguese Tourist Board, Setúbal City Coucil, the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds, the Setúbal Bay Association and Birds & Nature.

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Plan your visit to Sagres and do not miss the Birdwatching Festival

From 1 to 4 October will be held the 6th edition of the Birdwatching Festival and Nature Activities in Sagres, at Vila do Bispo Municipality. 

The Portugal largest Birdwatchingevent this year brought to the county the prize "Municipality of the Year" and once again wants to surprise for the quality of the more 200 activities planned.

Workshops on environmental education, dolphin watching, many birdwatching activities, riding a horse, hiking, short term courses, guided tours on the history of Sagres, interpretive tours of flora, geology and archeology, bird ringing sessions, walks guided by local people and some lectures about conservation projects are just some of the activities available during the four days of the festival. To complement the nature activities and to provide relaxation moments, are also provided yoga sessions, stretching and massage.

The event promoted by the Municipality of Vila doBispo, with Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds and Almargem Association as partners happens in October because it’s the high season of autumn migration, when the migratory birds abandon our country towards the hot African lands. It’s also celebrated in this same weekend the EuroBirdwatch all over Europe.

Sagres is a very special region. Not only is the landscape that surrounds it spectacular, but its biological heritage is unique in Europe. Here we can find a large diversity of habitats: impressive sea cliffs, coastal maquis, farmlands, woodland, sand dunes and the sea itself, between them supporting hundreds of species of fauna and flora. Of particular interest is the number of endemic flora species, the possibility to watch cetaceans and, of course, different species of birds, not only raptors but also passerines and seabirds. It is the birds that are the main attraction of this festival and therefore the programme of activities focuses mostly around them. The event aims to attract participants with differing tastes, expectations and knowledge, making it ideal for families, students, nature lovers and birdwatchers of all levels of experience.

From August to November, this area becomes the country's major migratory corridor for storks, eagles, vultures, hawks and falcons where it is possible to observe almost all of the species of these birds that occur regularly in Portugal, as well as some rarities.

As well as soaring raptors and storks, Sagres is a great place to watch other birds, including many seabirds, steppe species and passerines. Amongst the seabirds, particularly notable is the passage of thousands of Gannets and hundreds of petrels, Cory's Shearwaters) and Balearic Shearwaters. Great Skuas are also commonly seen.

Rota Vicentina launches a new Website with centralized bookings and many new features

The Rota Vicentina Association has launched a new website with several new features, including a trip planner tool which guides the visitor through the range of possible itineraries, and also a centralized online booking system with characteristics similar to the principal booking engines on the market.

With the aim of consolidating the tourism which is associated with the Rota Vicentina, this is an important step towards the self-sustainability of the project, which counts on the support of the Algarve and the Alentejo Tourist Boards.

Muito mais do que uma rota pedestre // Much more than a walking route from Rota Vicentina on Vimeo.

The Rota Vicentina Association, which now has a strong impact in the region, was formed in 2013 with the aim of creating a network of private and public partners which would not only ensure the quality of the project together but would also encourage tourists and engage the local community in the project. In addition to the public partners, it currently has about 130 company associates, among which are 15 agencies and tour operators, some of which are international.

Tourism along the Rota Vicentina has also has been rising exponentially, and a further increase is expected next autumn.

Its creators believe that the new website, as well as facilitating access and visitor planning, will also enhance the commercial dynamics of the project, in so far as local companies are now choosing to take a more active and responsible role in the management and the future of the project and South western Portugal, networking for joint success.

At the same time, the Rota Vicentina is launching a video entitled "Much more than a pedestrian route", produced by Favo Studio. This video shows the essence of the Rota Vicentina network, and its links to the community.

About Rota Vicentina:
The Rota Vicentina is a footpath along the coast of South western Portugal that today totals about 400 km of footpaths between Santiago do Cacém and Cape St. Vincent. Inaugurated in 2012, this route was developed in partnership with public authorities and local businessmen, who believe that Nature Tourism is a means of essential development for this very special region.
Made up of the "Historical Way", the “Fisherman's Trail" and the new" Circular Routes", launched this year, the Rota Vicentina offers a unique experience of two different worlds - the authentic, rural and living culture of the interior and the surprisingly wild coast of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast - both of which deserve special attention, in order that their benefits may be enjoyed for many years to come

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European Heritage Days 2015 – Industrial and Technical Heritage

The 2015 European Heritage Days will be taking place from the 25th to the 27th of September and the theme for this year's edition is Industrial and Technical Heritage.

For three days, many monuments and museums throughout Portugal will be opening their doors to visitors and organising an array of different activities such as guided tours, workshops, shows, historical recreations and many more. The activities are free of charge and will give visitors an opportunity to come into contact with Portugal's heritage in a rather unusual way.

This Council of Europe and European Union initiative involves 50 countries and its aim is to draw citizens' attention to the importance of protecting and safeguarding our heritage. In 2015, particular attention was paid to industrial heritage. Industrial heritage is a constant presence in our daily lives and continues to bear witness to the ingenuity and creativity of many generations. Examples of our industrial heritage include factories, bridges, mills, canals, railway lines, shops, workers' villages, mines, ports, heritage related to water and electricity, small artisanal industries, public and company archives and many other industrial and technical spaces. Some remain in use to this day, others have been deactivated or abandoned, and still others are back in use.

The European Heritage Days offer the perfect excuse to revisit many of Portugal's monuments and museums but also to visit spaces which are normally closed to the public and which can now be explored. 

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Turismo de Portugal awarded again Europe's Leading Tourist Board for 2015

For the second year in a row, Turismo de Portugal was considered the "Europe's Leading Tourist Board 2015" in the World Travel Awards Europe Ceremony.

Celebrating this year its 22nd t anniversary,  the World Travel Awards are considered one of the most important awards in the tourism industry.  

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Portugal wins 14 awards in the World Travel Awards 2015 for Europe

In the World Travel Awards (WTA) 
for Europe ceremony that took place last Saturday, 5th September 2015, in Forte Village Sardinia, Italy, Portugal won 14 out of 77 nominations (in 48 different categories).

These were the 14 awards attributed to Portugal:

Europe's Leading Tourist Board:

Europe's Leading Beach Destination:

Europe's Leading Airline to Africa: 

Europe's Leading Airline to South America:

Europe's Leading Inflight Magazine:

UpMagazine (TAP Portugal)
Europe's Leading Beach Resort Hotel:

Europe's Leading Boutique Hotel:  

Europe's Leading Boutique Resort:

Europe's Leading Business Hotel:

Europe's Leading Design Hotel:

Europe's Leading Green Hotel:  

Europe's Leading Landmark Hotel:
Europe's Leading Luxury Resort & Spa :

Europe's Most Romantic Resort:

Besides the Europe awards, Portugal also won 2 awards in the Mediterranean category:

Mediterranean's Leading Hotel:                     HotelQuinta do Lago, Portugal
Mediterranean's Leading Boutique Hotel       Quintada Casa Branca, Portugal

And more 13 awards in the country category/Portugal:

Portugal's Leading Boutique Hotel:           
Portugal's Leading Business Hotel:           
Portugal's Leading Conference Hotel:       
Portugal's Leading Design Hotel:              
Portugal's Leading Family Resort:            
Portugal's Leading Green Hotel:               
Portugal's Leading Hotel:                          
Portugal's Leading Hotel Residences:      
Portugal's Leading Hotel Suite:                
Portugal's Leading Resort:                        
Portugal's Leading Serviced Apartments: 
Portugal's Leading Spa Resort:                
Portugal's Leading Villa Resort:                

Celebrating this year its 22nd t anniversary,  the World Travel Awards are considered one of the most important awards in the tourism industry. 

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Enjoy the good life in Portugal

Come to Portugal to enjoy the good life in every way. Just let yourself go and savour all the things we have to offer – the different landscapes, the aromas and flavours of Portuguese gastronomy, the sounds of nature, of fado and the guitar, or the rhythms of international music, or wellness treatments at our spas and thermal resorts, to name but a few. 

Porto-Gaia_by Rui Morais de Sousa
On a trip through the country from north to south, with a short hop to the islands of the Azores and Madeira, enjoying the scenery is a pure delight. On a drive, from a viewpoint or a terrace with a view over the old houses of Porto, the castle of São Jorge in Lisbon or the beautiful beaches of the Algarve, there are numerous possibilities just waiting for you. To accompany this, ask for a glass of a good Portuguese wine from the Douro, the Alentejo or the Dão, to name just three of the demarcated regions, and enjoy every drop. 

And while we’re on the subject of flavours, what about trying Portuguese cuisine? From the simplest, such as freshly caught fish, just grilled with a little salt, to traditional dishes like salt cod and Portuguese cozido, there is a huge variety. And if you prefer sophisticated dining choose a Michelin-star restaurant, where auteur cuisine is in the hands of distinguished chefs.

To take a few souvenirs home with you, wander through the shops or markets. From international clothing and accessory brands and contemporary design shops, especially in Lisbon and Porto, to traditional and gourmet products that are sold throughout the country, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. 

During such outings, you can also enjoy visiting some monuments. Start with those that are World Heritage sites. We can suggest three: the Convento de Cristo in Tomar and the Monasteries of Batalha and Alcobaça; they are all located in the Centro de Portugal region, but we cannot tell you which is the most beautiful, you’ll have to find that out for yourself. You can also discover some wonderful examples of modern architecture. Some have a cultural programme that is well worth discovering, such as the Casa da Música in Porto, the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, or the Casa das Mudas in Madeira. 

There’s nothing like a spa for regaining your equilibrium and well-being. They offer personalised plans and signature treatments of the main international brands, which can be adapted to your needs. Are you seeking relaxation and stress prevention, anti-ageing, detox or beauty treatments? The Algarve and Madeira have a huge offering in this area, but all the other regions have quality facilities in hotels or at thermal resorts. And for having a good rest, the range is even bigger: 5-star hotels with every comfort you could dream of, pousadas offering the best of the region you are visiting, or Tourism in the Country, where authenticity and the welcome are second to none.

Come to Portugal and take good care of yourself!